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The Stars You Need To Find

© Music and Lyrics by Annika Jayne

And so it goes from time to time
You’re caught up in dreams that no longer shine
The stars are all gone, they no longer glow
They lost their magic some time ago
How can that be
And why does your heart feel so empty

Maybe the stars were out of reach
You lost the ground beneath your feet
While trying to catch all the shooting stars
And filling your heart with stardust and sparks
Twinkling like gems
But dust is just dust in the end

You're drifting
With nothing to hold on to
You're shivering
Not knowing where to turn to
You're falling
Through the atmosphere
You're searching
But there's nothing for you here

And now you stare at the black sky
Just darkness round you and you wonder why
But maybe the stars that you need to find
Are deep in your soul and not in the sky
They'll glow from within
That’s where your journey begins

This song was inspired by a meme Annika saw on social media. The meme says: "You glow differently when your confidence is fueled by belief in yourself rather than validation from others".

It's something Annika learned the hard way when she finally realised that a dream she'd been holding onto for far too long had no substance. "It's amazing how sometimes the comfort lies in letting go of something," she reflects. "It was only when I managed to let go of that dream that I was able to see my own worth again. Sometimes it hurts more to hold on to something desperately than to let go, especially if it's an illusion that's far from becoming reality. It was only when I let go that I was able to move on".

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