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Songs, Chansons, Lieder

For as long as I can remember, there has always been music inside my head. Even as a little girl I was already humming little melodies, just for myself. For over 20 years I have been writing songs in folk/chanson style. However, it is not me who finds the songs – they find me. The songs, or rather the ideas, come to me in their respective language. This can be English, German or French - sometimes this is quite a challenge, but it’s also a lot of fun! It’s also fascinating to see where the songs are taking me. Thanks for being here and for accompanying me on the way!

Aussi longtemps que je m'en souvienne, j'ai toujours eu de la musique dans la tête. Petite fille j’étais toujours en train de fredonner quelques petits airs. Depuis plus de 20 ans j’écris des chansons dans un style folk/chanson. Cependant ce n'est pas moi qui les trouve, ce sont elles. Les chansons, ou plutôt les idées, me viennent dans les langues respectives. Cela peut être en anglais, en français ou en allemand - c’est un véritable défi parfois mais j'y prends énormément de plaisir! C’est aussi fascinant de voir où les chansons me portent. Merci pour être là et de m’accompagner sur mon chemin!

Schon immer habe ich Musik im Kopf gehabt und als kleines Mädchen leise Melodien vor mich hergesummt. Seit über 20 Jahren schreibe ich Songs im Folk/Chanson Stil. Dabei ist es nicht so, dass ich die Lieder finde, sondern sie mich. Die Lieder bzw. Ideen kommen zu mir in ihrer jeweiligen Sprache. Das kann Englisch, Deutsch oder Französisch sein - das ist manchmal eine ziemliche Herausforderung, aber es macht auch ungeheuer Spaß ! Es ist spannend zu sehen, wohin mich die Songs tragen. Vielen Dank, dass du hier bist und mich dabei begleitest!


Latest Release

When Was The Last Time Mini EP

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When Was The Last Time is a song I wrote in the summer of 2020 when everything started to become quite overwhelming and I needed a break, especially from social media and trying to catch up with everything. I had spent so much time there I began wondering when I had last done something that really mattered to me like really listening to some music, writing a letter to a friend, or even just being still for a moment and breathe.

On this Mini EP, you'll hear the song in three versions which are all very different from one another. It's also the kick-off and foretaste of two albums I am currently working on, Letter To A Friend and Fairies In Disguise.

The pop-rock version was arranged and mixed by Nathan Peter Illes, the chamberfolk version came to life with the amazing, heavenly cello arrangement by Alison Reynolds. And just for the fun of it I also recorded an unplugged version which I recorded using just one mic. I think it is interesting as you can compare the raw version to the produced versions and see how the song took shape.

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