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For as long as I can remember, there has always been music inside my head. Even as a little girl I was already humming little melodies, just for myself. For over 20 years I have been writing songs in folk/chanson style. However, it is not me who finds the songs – they find me. The songs, or rather the ideas, come to me in their respective language. This can be English, German or French - sometimes this is quite a challenge, but it’s also a lot of fun! It’s also fascinating to see where the songs are taking me. Thanks for being here and for accompanying me on the way!

Aussi longtemps que je m'en souvienne, j'ai toujours eu de la musique dans la tête. Petite fille j’étais toujours en train de fredonner quelques petits airs. Depuis plus de 20 ans j’écris des chansons dans un style folk/chanson. Cependant ce n'est pas moi qui les trouve, ce sont elles. Les chansons, ou plutôt les idées, me viennent dans les langues respectives. Cela peut être en anglais, en français ou en allemand - c’est un véritable défi parfois mais j'y prends énormément de plaisir! C’est aussi fascinant de voir où les chansons me portent. Merci pour être là et de m’accompagner sur mon chemin!

Schon immer habe ich Musik im Kopf gehabt und als kleines Mädchen leise Melodien vor mich hergesummt. Seit über 20 Jahren schreibe ich Songs im Folk/Chanson Stil. Dabei ist es nicht so, dass ich die Lieder finde, sondern sie mich. Die Lieder bzw. Ideen kommen zu mir in ihrer jeweiligen Sprache. Das kann Englisch, Deutsch oder Französisch sein - das ist manchmal eine ziemliche Herausforderung, aber es macht auch ungeheuer Spaß ! Es ist spannend zu sehen, wohin mich die Songs tragen. Vielen Dank, dass du hier bist und mich dabei begleitest!

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Cats and Coffee Cups Final.jpg

For a little over two years now I have been working on a purely acoustic album called Cats & Coffee Cups. It is now available for pre-order! With this pre-order you get the songs that were previously released as singles plus two more! And yet, there are no cats mentioned in any of these songs! So where are they? Don't worry, they are mentioned in almost all the other songs! 

The main purpose of all these songs was to spread comfort in difficult times - that was the aim of the songs I wrote in 2022 when I was desperate for comfort when it seemed there was too much going wrong in the world.

The album title came to me rather spontaneously, as there are a lot of cats and coffee in these songs. There are other comforting things on this record that didn't make it into the title, like wine, books, flowers, and records. But I thought if I had to choose, I'd go with cats and coffee.

Four from the album, Un livre et un café (A Book And A Coffee), Peace And Quiet, This Dream Inside My Heart and Café Of The Lost Dreams (And The New Horizons) have already been released.

Click on the covers to listen to the songs on your preferred streaming platform or listen on Bandcamp!

Un livre et un café Cover. The cover displays a painting of a book and a cup of coffee in a garden.

Steve Harris from FRESH ON THE NET writes: "My French is terrible, but even I can manage to translate Un Livre Et Un Café to “a book and a coffee”, which is pretty much what this song is about — sitting in the garden, sun shining, a book and a coffee being all you need to transport you somewhere else, far, far away (so not vodka and painkillers then — I’ve been doing it wrong!). Sung in a mixture of French and English..."

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Peace And Quiet Cover.  The cover displays a glass of red wine on a piece of sheet music.

Mike from LONDON PEAKY writes: "OUT [on October 13th] from the prolific multi-lingual songstress ANNIKA JAYNE, her new single, ‘Peace and Quiet.’ It’s beautiful in its simplicity, and if the art of song making is to merely make the mundane interesting, then ‘Peace & Quiet’ is the only template you’ll ever need...."

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This Dream Inside My Heart - Stars Dreamy 400400.jpg
Café of the lost dreams ai new 3 400400.jpg

Gee Nelson from THE INDIE GRID writes: "‘This Dream Inside My Heart’ begins with delicate acoustic guitar picking, echoing the stylistic essence of revered artists such as Joni Mitchell, Janis Ian, and K.D. Lang’s ‘After The Gold Rush.’ Annika’s vocal delivery, reminiscent of Ani DiFranco, harmonises seamlessly with the song’s poetic lyrics, revealing a depth of emotion and introspection. The track, based on the poetry..."

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Nicole Mendes from THE OTHER SIDE REVIEWS writes: "Self-recorded at a home studio, then mixed and mastered by Brady Jo, ‘Café Of The Lost Dreams (And The New Horizons)’ draws a raw vulnerability and playful charm through sophisticated production. In its acoustic soundscape, the single’s elegance is mixed with innocence holding you in a warm embrace comforted by Jayne’s delicate hand.  Interestingly, as the stark guitar combines with Jayne’s rich, warm vocals in a barebones minimalism there is also a vivid kaleidoscopic sheen highlighting the beauty of simplicity."

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Cats and Coffee Cups Final.jpg

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