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Peace And Quiet

© Music and Lyrics by Annika Jayne

This day has been far too loud
I need some peace and quiet now
Maybe just some music
and a glass of wine

I put my thoughts in a box
Making sure it's well locked
Lost in the music
I find a space that's all mine

I become one with the sound
Those waves all around
I'm diving to the ground
Taking in the beauty I just found

The melodies carry me
To a place where I'm free
Blend in with the wine
As I leave the day behind

Don't you feel that this world is too loud sometimes? I do. This is a song I wrote in 2019 after I'd had a hard day and all I wanted was some peace and quiet. And suddenly this song happened.

This is the second single of the Cats & Coffee Cups album.
Like with Un livre et un café, there are two versions of the song - they're both acoustic with just voice and guitar, so the difference is minimal.

On the A-side, you'll find the re-recorded version mixed and mastered by Brady Jo, and on the B-side, you'll find the version mixed and mastered by Nathan Illes.

The first version is the one that will appear on the album, hence it's the album version.

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