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She's Always Where The Music Is

© Music and Lyrics by Annika Jayne

She's always where the music is
And curls up near the speakers
She closes her eyes she pricks her ears
Feeling the beat in each of her whiskers

She looks as if she's smiling
She's purring along
I bet she's analyzing
Each chord of the song

Her muscles twitch in her sleep
Her tail moves to the beat
Other cats catch mice in their dreams
But in hers she dances, or so it seems

She looks like she's in heaven
She's purring along
It's her secret passion
It's where she belongs

Sometimes I think to myself as she listens
That in her former life she must have been a musician
Whenever I write a song she is purring as usual
She checks every note and gives me her approval

So when I'm singing she's never far
She comes and lies next to my guitar
When changing the strings she is helping me
Making sure they're in place as they should be

She looks as if she's smiling
She feels very proud
She can't hide her excitement
She's purring loud

She's always where the music is
If you can't find her look for her near the speakers

As Annika said, there are many cats that have found their way into the lyrics of the songs on this album. This is one of them. Annika wrote this song for one of the cats that lives in her house, Alexa, aka The Music Cat. Since Alexa moved in, she comes and listens to the music Annika puts on. Alexa will sit on the sofa or anywhere near the speakers and become very relaxed, listening attentively to every note she hears. This gives Annika the impression that Alexa must have been a musician in a previous life. Needless to say, Alexa is happy to help Annika change the strings on her guitar. Watching Alexa listen to music is one of the most comforting things there is.

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