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The Cats Are Purring

© Music and Lyrics by Annika Jayne

Minutes ago you were sad and the world looked bleak
With a heavy heart so fragile and weak
Your tears were pouring down and your eyes were burning
But your heart's still beating and the cats are purring

Minutes ago you were lost in an empty space
You felt you were trapped in the wrong place
Your life was upside down, and your mind was whirling
But there's a friend's voice and the cats are purring

Sometimes a smile is like a sunray
In the pouring rain
And within an instant
The world looks a bit brighter again

Minutes ago you were scared you saw no way out
But now I hold you chasing away the doubts
You curl into my arms and your strength is returning
There's music playing and the cats are purring
The world's a better place when the cats are purring

This is a song for all the cat lovers out there and for those who find comfort in a cat's purr. Annika wrote this in March 2022 and immediately recorded an acoustic version and released it as a subscriber exclusive, which you can listen to in the Garden of Creation (Annika's subscription service).

"When you need comfort, pets can do a lot for you. It doesn't matter if it's your cat, dog or guinea pig - they all love you unconditionally and have their own unique way of showing it," says Annika. "In my case it's cats, it always has been. When I'm having a bad day, there's nothing more comforting than a purring cat snuggling up to me. And yes, the sound you hear at the end of the song is the purring of our two cats, Alexa and Juno!"

Annika guarantees that no animals were harmed during the production. Otherwise the cats wouldn't have purred. ;-)

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