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Your Sweet Words


© Music and Lyrics by Annika Jayne

(Written on 3rd May 2023)

Your words were so sweet
As sweet as can be
They were like velvet on my soul
They seemed to make me whole

Your words in my ear
Were what I needed to hear
And at first I didn't see it coming
They were acid dipped in honey

You promised me the sun and the moon
You painted pictures of flowers in bloom
But like rainbows they were beyond reach
And disappeared, nowhere to be seen

Your words were like sugar
That melted my heart
But then they became kind of sticky
And leaving became tricky

Your words lost their magic
Each day, bit by bit
When they were all empty and so vain
And kisses were like chains

You promised me the whole wide world
But your big words were like fireworks
They shone so bright and they glowed
And then they all went up in smoke

Take all of your words
They are like a curse
Like drugs they were poisoning me
But now I'm breaking free

You'll see me fly
Up in the sky
And I'll make sure that I never look back
I'll find a place to land

This is a song about when someone is overly charming and promises you all sorts of things, only for you to find out that these promises are just hot air with no substance. Instead, you find out that they're using their charm to manipulate and control you. You start to feel trapped in this situation, but you also feel that you're slowly losing yourself. The only way to find yourself is to leave and never look back.

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