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My Christmas Wish feat. NPI 400400.png

Music & Lyrics: Annika Elting
Acoustic Guitar, Glockenspiel, Chimes,
Vocals: Annika Jayne
Harmonies: Annika Jayne & Nathan Peter Illes
Cello: Carolina Teruel
Mixing and Mastering: Nathan Peter Illes
Cover Art: Aashi Shah

Ever since I was a child, I have loved Christmas. The beginning of December has something magical with all its fairy lights, candles, Christmas goodies, the songs, Father Christmas, angels, elves....this magic has never left me. To this day, I become a child at Christmas time. I can never get enough of the fairy lights sparkling in the dark streets.

At the same time, when I think of Christmas I think of the winter solstice. At least over here, in the northern hemisphere, on 21st December the light comes back, which is what I celebrate most. The return of the light nurtures my soul so much that I make it even through January and February until you begin to actually see the light in March. And magically it stays with me all year through. I hope it can be the same for you.

My Christmas Wish

As I'm walking through the dark streets
Faires turned on the lights on earth
They're the lights of a million heartbeats
Hoping for a better world

And I stare in childlike wonder
At the magic all around
At the snowmen and the reindeer
Dancing together through the town

Maybe they
Find a way
To your heart, too
Then you find
Their light shines
All year through

Sometimes Father Christmas
Seems to be the one who's real
He listens to our wishes
And understands the way we feel

Years ago he made a promise
To send happiness our way
So each year at winter solstice
He comes on a sparkling trail

So make way
For his sleigh
On this night
Hear the bells
All is well
You'll be alright

And if you listen closely
There are whispers in the sky
Elves are talking to angels
Can you feel them passing by
They have teamed up
To spread the word in every town
They want you to know
They'll never let you down

Maybe they
Find a way
To your heart, too
Then you find
Their light shines
All year through

That's my wish
At Christmas
Just for you
Look for the light
That will shine
All year through
For you

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