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There's Something I Should Tell You

© Music and Lyrics by Annika Jayne

There’s something I should tell you

Something that you should know

You’re so dear and kind

Oh, yes


There’s something special about you

Something that makes you shine

From deep inside

Oh, yes


Your smile is like the sun that's rising

Inviting me to stay

You chase away the rain

It’s a great gift you came

Into my life


When we are together

I feel I can be myself

You make me feel at ease

Oh yes


I feel like you see me

Like I don't have to hide

Like I can breathe

Oh yes


You're showing me the stars and how to reach them

Even though sometimes I'm scared

Cause you believe in me

You bring out the best in me

All the time


I hope there comes a time

When I can do the same for you

In any way I can

Oh yes


For now just let me say

I’m most grateful you exist

Thank you my friend

Thank you my friend

I wrote There's Something I Should Tell You in 1995 since friendship means a lot to me and is also a recurring theme in my songs. And this song has always been the ultimate friendship song for me and is a wonderful way of showing appreciation for somebody.

J'ai écrit There's Something I Should Tell You  en 1995 car l'amitié est très important pour moi et du coup j'en écris souvent.  Cette chanson a toujours été la chanson ultime sur l'amitié pour moi et elle est une merveilleuse façon de montrer de l’appréciation de quelqu'un.

Ich habe There's Something I Should Tell You 1995 geschrieben, da mir Freundschaft sehr wichtig ist - daher schreibe ich auch oft Songs darüber.  Dieses Lied war für mich immer schon der ultimative Freundschafts-Song und es ist eine wunderbare Art, seine Wertschätzung für jemanden zu zeigen.

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