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EP Time To Spread Your Wings (Acoustic Versions) (2020)

As a little extra I also recorded acoustic versions of all the songs as well as a very special piano version of Leaves in Autumn (digital only).


This album is an exclusive Bandcamp release and free, except for the piano version of Leaves In Autumn.

Time to spread your wings Acoustic Version.jpg

Music & Lyrics: Annika Elting,

Petite planète - Lyrics: Franck Deschamps, Music: Annika Elting

Produced by Annika Elting

Mastered by Amr Essam

Tracks 1 - 4:

Acoustic Guitar & Vocals: Annika Jayne

Track 5:

Vocals: Annika Jayne

Piano: Dmytro Startsev

Violin: Jessie Morgan

Cello: Carolina Teruel


Cover Art: Aashi Shah


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