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Fabulous Sceneries Album (2010)

JayneAnnika FabulousScenerie.jpg

This is my first album and when I released it in 2010 it was my personal treasure box.

I remember I was so proud! It contains songs I wrote between 1995 and 2006. The oldest songs on the album are Fly Home and Avec toi, both written in 1995 and November Sea, written in 1996. I wrote them when I was still living in Berlin, where I grew up. All of the other songs I wrote after I had moved to Heidelberg. The latest song on this album is Les Etoiles, written in 2006. So, this album is also like a personal journey through time and different places. The journey leads towards Fabulous Sceneries, hence the album title. If you would like to accompany me you will find sunflower fields, stardust, dreams, love waltzes, rain words, deserted beaches in autumn as well as gentle moments of love. I'm so happy I get to share these songs with you!

This album also comes as a CD in a lovely gatefold card, a 16 page coloured booklet and is autographed by Annika Jayne. Click HERE to get your copy!


Recorded and mastered at syemusic studio between April and August 2009

Released: 1 December 2010

Produced by Amin Jan Sayed

Copyright: © Annika Elting

Music and Lyrics: Annika Elting
All rights reserved

Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Annika Jayne
Bass: Amin Jan Sayed
Slide Guitar: Jörg Teichert

Accordion and Glockenspiel on

The Girl Holding The Wineglass:

Conni Junge

Glockenspiel on Les Etoiles and Words Like Rain: Conni Junge

Glockenspiel on Avec Toi and Petite Valse d'Amour: Annika Jayne

Cello: Boris Stansky


Fly Home: Ela Günther and Annika Elting,
The Girl Holding The Wineglass and November Sea: Ela Günther,
Petite Valse d'Amour: Annika Elting and Tanja Lung,
all others: Annika Elting
Accordion: Conni Junge
Bass: Amin Jan Sayed
Avec Toi: Amin Jan Sayed,
Les Etoiles, The Girl Holding The Wineglass and Words Like Rain: Conni Junge,
Petite Valse d'Amour: Annika Elting

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