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EP Time To Spread Your Wings (2020)


1. Praying Hands

2. Heart of Mine

3. Leaves in Autumn

4. The Eagle Flies Alone

5. Petite planète

6. Koffer (ne me regarde pas comme ça)







This EP is my second milestone after recording my first album Fabulous Sceneries. The title "Time to Spread Your Wings" is taken from the song "The Eagle Flies Alone" and describes exactly how I felt when I released the EP, as it was definitely time to spread my wings in my music career.

In 2016 I met with Daniel Deboy at timebirdmusic in Sandhausen to discuss the recording of my second album. A few months later we had recorded 4 songs that mean a lot to me. Unfortunately - after that I realised that I was running out of money, so we couldn't record any more songs. But 4 songs is better than nothing! 2 of the songs, Praying Hands and Leaves In Autumn, are about friendship, which is a recurring theme in my songs, and friendship is certainly not something I take lightly.

Praying Hands was written for my best friend when she left our hometown. Even though we were going to live apart, I knew it wouldn't be the end of our friendship. In our minds and hearts we would still be as close as before, like praying hands reaching out across the distance.

Leaves in Autumn is about memories and friendship. I wrote a first version of many on New Year's Eve 1994. I was looking back over the year and thinking of friends I had made, as well as friends I had lost touch with. Of course I also looked back on the memories of many years and found that even though some friends are no longer part of your life, the memories stay with you forever.

The other 2 songs we recorded, Heart of Mine and The Eagle Flies Alone, are best described as motivational songs - they are meant to encourage you to embrace who you really are.

Heart of Mine is a song about fear and anxiety, but also a lot of hope. In the song I am talking to my heart like a mother to her frightened child. I wrote the song to comfort myself and I hope you can find some comfort in it too.

The Eagle Flies Alone is my most personal song on the EP. It was written for anyone who is different and has been bullied because of it. It was written to remind them that they have a special talent, and if they're different even more so. Having been bullied myself, this song also tells my story.

Finally, there are 2 bonus tracks on this EP, Petite planète and Koffer.

In August 2019, I met Franck Deschamps in a Facebook group for French singer-songwriters. He was looking for someone to write the music for his beautiful lyrics Petite planète. I immediately loved the lyrics and Franck kindly agreed to let me write the music, even though he had to wait a month. The song is about the catastrophic state of our planet. But where will we go without it? The song was recorded in my home studio and other home studios around the world.

In May 2020 the German band Tonstrahler asked me if I would like to do a collaboration with them. They had this song that needed a female voice and a second verse - could I write one in French or German? I immediately liked the song and agreed to write and record a second verse in French. Thanks to François Maillard for his advice on the French lyrics! 

This EP also comes as a CD in a lovely gatefold card and is autographed by Annika Jayne. Click HERE to get your copy!


Music & Lyrics: Annika Elting,

Petite planète - Lyrics: Franck Deschamps, Music: Annika Elting

Koffer (ne me regarde pas comme ça) - Music and German lyrics: Steffen Maier,

French lyrics: Annika Elting with advice by François Maillard

Produced and mastered by Daniel Deboy and Annika Elting,

Petite planète produced by Annika Elting and mastered by Plava Kuca

Koffer produced and mastered by Tonstrahler.

Arrangements: Annika Elting and Daniel Deboy,

except for Petite planète arranged by Annika Elting and

Koffer arranged by Tonstrahler


Vocals: Annika Jayne (1 -5), and Tonstrahler & Annika Jayne (6)

Acoustic guitar: Annika Jayne

E-guitar: Annika Jayne (2)

Cello: Nelly Noack (1,3,4), Carolina Teruel (5)

Violin: Elena Klinova (4), Maria Grig (5)

Viola: Maria Grig (5)

Clarinet: Laura Kettenring (4)

Percussion: Peter Hinz (2,3), Larry Salzman (5)

Slide Guitar: Jörg Teichert (1)

Cover Art: Aashi Shah

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