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In Moments Like These - Demos Album (2023)

In Moments Like These (Demo Album) 2 400400.jpg

1. Thinking Of You

2. I'm On Fire

3. Das Leben ist zu kurz (Life is way too short)

4. C'est la vie

5. La Ciotat

6. Your Sweet Words

7. Kopfkino

8. There's No There

9. Everywhere And Nowhere

10. Breathing


This was my ALBUM submission for the Album Writing Club 2023 of the Lights & Lights label (

All the songs were written in the first week of May 2023 and recorded in my tiny home studio from May 8th to May 18th and then, after a short break, completed from May 22nd to 26th. Although I've tweaked it a bit before releasing it here, it's more or less the same as the album I submitted at the end of May. It still has the same raw, rough feeling.

I didn't really go into this adventure with a concept in mind. But when Mike Five from the Lights & Lines label announced that the Album Writing Club was back, I immediately started taking lots and lots of notes. And of course those notes had a concept, albeit on a subconscious level. Then there were some older ideas that I had taken out of the drawers that all fit into the same concept. So almost all the songs I wrote in the first week of May 2023 were about inner growth, development, seizing life, getting out of difficult situations and self-love.

As for the title, I love to choose an album title from a line of a song rather than a song title. In this case, the title comes from the first song, Thinking Of You. And yes, the thread that holds the album together are indeed "moments like these". Each song is like a snapshot of a different situation and at some point in each story you could say "In moments like these...".

For the album, I've been concentrating on the songwriting process and the arrangements (although many of them aren't finished) rather than the mixing and mastering. It's the creative part where I'm in my element. So this is, I hope, a good demo quality.

As for the instruments, there are five guitars on the album (two different acoustic guitars, two different electric guitars and a classical guitar). I'm not sure if it was the best idea to use different guitars, as this way you don't get the homogeneous listening experience that you might expect from an album. However, each song called for a different guitar sound. In fact, it is a multi-lingual, multi-genre album. And yet in some ways I feel it's the most authentic thing I've ever done.

You may also see one of these songs in a produced version on a future album!

I hope you enjoy it!

This album is an exclusive Bandcamp release. 

Music & Lyrics: Annika Elting
Vocals, Backing Vocals, Choir, Guitars, Bass Ukulele, Melodica, Percussion: Annika Jayne

CoverArt: Annika Jayne, Picture by ractapopulous, taken from Pixabay

Image Description: The cover displays three butterflies of a different size in a diagonal line from the right bottom to the left top.

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