Magic Sounds // Des Sons Magiques // Zauberklänge

My Christmas Wish (feat.  Nathan Peter Illes)

Music & Lyrics: Annika Elting
Acoustic Guitar, Glockenspiel, Chimes,
Vocals: Annika Jayne
Harmonies: Annika Jayne & Nathan Peter Illes
Cello: Carolina Teruel
Mixing and Mastering: Nathan Peter Illes
Cover Art: Aashi Shah

EP Time To Spread Your Wings

1. Praying Hands

2. Heart of Mine

3. Leaves in Autumn

4. The Eagle Flies Alone

5. Petite planète

6. Koffer (ne me regarde pas comme ça)







This EP also comes as a CD in a lovely gatefold card and is autographed by Annika Jayne. Click HERE to get your copy!

EP Time To Spread Your Wings (Acoustic Versions)

As a little extra I also recorded acoustic versions of all the songs as well as a very special piano version of Leaves in Autumn (digital only).

Music & Lyrics: Annika Elting,

Petite planète - Lyrics: Franck Deschamps, Music: Annika Elting

Koffer (ne me regarde pas comme ça) - Music and German lyrics: Steffen Maier,

French lyrics: Annika Elting with advice by François Maillard

Produced and mastered by Daniel Deboy and Annika Elting,

Petite planète produced by Annika Elting and mastered by Plava Kuca

Koffer produced and mastered by Tonstrahler.

Arrangements: Annika Elting and Daniel Deboy,

except for Petite planète arranged by Annika Elting and

Koffer arranged by Tonstrahler


Vocals: Annika Jayne (1 -5), and Tonstrahler & Annika Jayne (6)

Acoustic guitar: Annika Jayne

E-guitar: Annika Jayne (2)

Cello: Nelly Noack (1,3,4), Carolina Teruel (5)

Violin: Elena Klinova (4), Maria Grig (5)

Viola: Maria Grig (5)

Clarinet: Laura Kettenring (4)

Percussion: Peter Hinz (2,3), Larry Salzman (5)

Slide Guitar: Jörg Teichert (1)

Cover Art: Aashi Shah

Piano version of Leaves in Autumn:

Piano: Dmytro Startsev
Violin: Jessie Morgan
Cello: Carolina Teruel
Produced by Annika Elting
Mastered by Amr Essam


Turtle Tempo writes:

"Known for her heartfelt, insightful and raw honesty, folk artist Annika Jayne is touching lives across the globe with her soulful music. A multilingual individual, Annika is unique in that she uses German, English, and French lyrics in her songs; however, it is not the multilingualism of the tracks that make her unique and engaging. It is the sincerity of each single and the joy it triggers that makes her hypnotic. ‘Leaves In Autumn (Piano Version)’ is the latest addition to her growing repertoire.."

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The Other Side Reviews writes:

"The soft guitar opening sets the light tone of ‘The Eagle Flies Alone’. You are then drawn into the address to the girl of the song. There is a haunting and sad tone to this song that causes a well of emotion as you listen. This is enhanced by Jayne’s emotive performance as you hear the pain within her voice. The instruments add to the melancholic tone of the track as they haunt the lower layers of the song.

While there is a sadness to the track, there is also a message of hope. Jayne lets you know that you can get over what people say about you and fly above them. In particular, the chorus lets you know that things are okay and that going on your own path is not a bad thing. The analogy of ravens and eagles is wonderful and so poignant that it gives you goosebumps.

Annika Jayne helps you move on and fly..."

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Nova Music Blog writes:

"Embellished by the touch of Nelly Noack’s cello and of Jörg Teichert’s slide guitar, ‘Praying Hands’ is a tender indie folk song infused in a caressing acoustic atmosphere. Here Annika gives an admirable display of the nuances of her vocal performance, finely suffused and nuanced with the graceful arrangement, giving life to a union of music and lyrics of exquisite musicianship. Although the song title contains the word praying...."

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FVMusic Blog :


"The excellent musician Annika Jayne, is back with her thought-provoking latest single ‘Petite Planète’ (Little planet). 

A gorgeously picked acoustic guitar opens the single. A solo shaker accompanies it, and this adds instant texture to the piece. We adore the richness in the acoustic guitar which has been produced beautifully. Annika Jayne sings beautifully in French, her voice transcends languages, and we adore the vibrant and inviting tone she emanates.

A luscious cello also appears with the vocals and the two effortlessly dance in harmony with one another. Extra percussion also enters, and...."

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Remix EP Sunflower Fields - Biochill feat. Annika Jayne

Remixed by Biochill 2013

Copyright: © Annika Elting

Music and Lyrics: Annika Elting
All rights reserved

Fabulous Sceneries

JayneAnnika FabulousScenerie.jpg

1. Sunflower Fields

2. Avec toi

3. Fly Home

4. Les étoiles

5. The Girl Holding The Wineglass

6. La voix qui m'accompagne

7. My Destination

8. Nothing Else That Counts

9. Petite valse d'amour

10. Words Like Rain

11. November Sea

12. Ces moments doux


This album also comes as a CD in a lovely gatefold card, a 16 page coloured booklet and is autographed by Annika Jayne. Click HERE to get your copy!

Recorded and mastered at syemusic studio between April and August 2009

Released: 1 December 2010

Produced by Amin Jan Sayed

Copyright: © Annika Elting

Music and Lyrics: Annika Elting
All rights reserved

Acoustic Guitar and Vocals: Annika Jayne
Bass: Amin Jan Sayed
Slide Guitar: Jörg Teichert

Accordion and Glockenspiel on

The Girl Holding The Wineglass:

Conni Junge

Glockenspiel on Les Etoiles and Words Like Rain: Conni Junge

Glockenspiel on Avec Toi and Petite Valse d'Amour: Annika Jayne

Cello: Boris Stansky


Fly Home: Ela Günther and Annika Elting,
The Girl Holding The Wineglass and November Sea: Ela Günther,
Petite Valse d'Amour: Annika Elting and Tanja Lung,
all others: Annika Elting
Accordion: Conni Junge
Bass: Amin Jan Sayed
Avec Toi: Amin Jan Sayed,
Les Etoiles, The Girl Holding The Wineglass and Words Like Rain: Conni Junge,
Petite Valse d'Amour: Annika Elting